Quality raw materials

Products of premium quality produced in Slovakia

Frozen and refrigerated products

Naše mrazené múčne a obaľované výrobky sú charakteristické unikátnosťou,
prvotriednou kvalitou a lahodnou chuťou

Product sales

We deliver goods to smaller shops as well as transnational chains

Delivery within 24 hours

We are able to deliver quality products within 24 hours after the order anywhere in Slovakia thanks to our distribution network

A gentleman in a lab suit, in the hall where our production is and who writes something on papers and to the right of him there are labels - modern lines, high hygiene standards, premium quality


We respect strict european standards for food production with emphasis on high hygiene standards and premium raw materials they use in our production. Our goal is to constantly improve our production process and to implement modern systems and software in existing production.


We are your reliable business partner, constantly moving onward and upward in service towards the client. Our priority is high-quality and proactive customer care, we are proud to deliver within 24 hours after the order.

Distribúcia vďaka nášmu nákladnému auto s nápisom Hossa family naboku.

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